CV.Jaya Propindo Raya - Jual Plastik dan Terpal Plastik




Plastic mulch (plastic mulch) is a plastic sheet covering land (soil beds) in plant cultivation. The benefits / functions of plastic mulch and the use of plastic mulch are aimed at: - protect the soil surface from erosion - maintain moisture and soil structure - inhibits weed growth. Mulch plastic is classified as an inorganic mulch type because it is made of low density polyethylene material which is produced by ethylene polymerization process under high pressure. Plastic mulch is widely used in plant cultivation with a production intensification system, including horticultural plants such as vegetables (chili, mustard greens) and fruit (melons, watermelons, etc.). Some Types of Mulch Plastic / Plastic Mulch Types of plastic mulch are generally distinguished by color and intensity of light that can be forwarded, some colors include: - clear plastic mulch - white plastic mulch - silver plastic mulch - black plastic mulch - red plastic mulch - blue plastic mulch - silver silver plastic mulch (both silver surfaces) - black silver plastic mulch (MPHP), one surface is black, the other surface is silver.